Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rose Bible

Have you ever heard of a rose bible? Certainly I have not until I saw it, and found it rather amusing to an extent just by the word itself. But I can understand why they name the book that way, because it was a detailed compilation of all the different variety of roses, in all shades that you can ever imagine. They also have very beautiful names, which was inspiring!

A beautiful clean cover

Beautiful pictures and in all shades you can ever imagine.

The other day I bought a rose. The shop keeper said it was orange, but it didn't really come across as orange to me ;) But this rose has been blooming for the past 3-4 days now, and this rose blooms so beautifully, more so than the pink ones which doesn't bloom this way. I am enjoying looking at their petals :)


  1. This book is very original....where you find it?

  2. Hi Aliander,

    Thanks for dropping by! I found it in a book shop.

    Pei Li

  3. El libro es muy bonito, pero esa rosa es una auténtica maravilla. Preciosa.
    Un beso.

  4. Hi Pei Li,
    Really love the rose, it is so pretty! Good thing you capture the moment of its beauty that we all can share the joy with you!
    Thanks :-)

  5. The book is lovely- Roses are wonderful additions to life!

    The real rose is a pretty shade of orange, for a rose.

  6. this book looks so beautiful! do you think there is a way to buy it online?

  7. Hi,

    Unfortunately this isn't a standalone book. It was a complimentary issue that came along with a flower magazine. A truly gorgeous flower magazine. I tried to find it online but don't think you can order it online from overseas. If you want, I can get it for you at my bookstore here..Do drop me a note privately via my website if you would like to! Thanks.

    Pei Li

  8. Dearest sweet pei li, roses are such classic and soo soo beautiful! That book is a wonderful collection to book lovers! Oh and your rose is blooming so beautifully.
    Thanks so much for your swete kind words on my little bubble space. I am so glad im not alone out there feeling the quiet side. Yes, i hand embroidery these designs... a really slow process but such fun! Happy monday sweet friend! Love to you!



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