Sunday, June 21, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ New Pastries...

Each week, I go through different phases. Sometimes I crave for desserts, sometimes I crave for pastries. When the inspiration hits, I don't want to lose it. I have many work in progress going around. The major reason for this is due to the medium I choose to work with which is air dry clay. Nothing ever gets completed in 1 sitting, and therefore, as I am waiting for something to dry, I move onto the next thing. There are about 5-6 different types of work in progress lying on my desk . All of them are in the midst of drying. As such, it takes time to complete one thing.

This week, following the inspiration I got from raspberry tarts, I made the blackberry tarts. I love how the colours contrast each other. Black and red goes together beautifully. Both tarts are available in my shop :


  1. Hi Pei Li,

    Fabulous tarts !
    I already bought the raspberry tarts and I only can say : OMG !
    They look absolutely fabulous on the shelf you made for me !
    Your work amaze me and I'm so glad I also bought the blueberry tarts, I'm waiting for them to arrive...
    Every time I see a new dessert, this dessert is a perfect addition to the others.
    Thanks for the beautiful photos !

  2. Pei Li

    Your photos are amazing! The tarts are works of art. Love them.


  3. Ooh! there you go again, tempting me with your creations which only make me hungry. The detail is so precise they really do look real.

  4. As always, too cute. Love the little details on top of the tarts!

  5. Hi Pei Li,,, how are you doing? I hope you are having a great summer. Its really hot here in arizona!! Aagghh.
    I love your adorable tarts Both raspberry and blueberry! Your work always facinates me so much. I love it.
    Happy Creating, gail

  6. OMG those are wonderful. you always amaze me

  7. Beautiful Pei Li! Again you have amazed me with all the perfect and intricate detail.
    Love them!
    bunny hugs,

  8. I love the tarts! They are so cute! It is just amazing the detail you put into your work. Thank you for sharing!


  9. Hi Pei Li! All I can say as I look at those wonderful tarts is "oh my goodness!" Fabulous!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  10. ahhh!!! i also made some today before surfing, now i daren't post mine up, they pale in comparison to your lovely ones!

    really gorgeous! well done!

  11. Pei, How interesting... I never thought about things drying and you having to wait. Everything always looks so fabulous and effortless!
    Hugs, Tedi

  12. PeiLi, the tarts are so cute. Do you roll each of the berries one at a time? That is just so amazing.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  13. I am always totally amazed by the creations...I cannot imagine doing those berries! I could never ever manage that!!!!!

  14. OMG!!!! I love these babies!!
    I wanna make one too!!!! So cute Pei Li! I wonder get a mould so tiny like that....


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