Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Front Page of Etsy - 2nd Time!

Did you notice the new song I added onto my blog? I hoped you like it!

Thanks to Stephanie of PetitPlat who alerted me that I was again on Front Page of Etsy for the 2nd time. :)

Many thanks to Alibi who made the wonderful treasury list that got us on Front Page!

And here's the wonderful pic!


  1. Hi Pei Li,
    Oh wonderful that you were featured on the front page of Etsy for the 2nd time !

  2. Well Sweetie, you really should be on the front page of everything...your creations are that marvelous!!!


  3. Pei,
    Congratulations, it looks wonderful and on the front page... again! No less. I'd think with your talent they will come back for you again and again! Tedi


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