Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clay Macaroon - New Colour and Vision

I had fun creating a whole bunch of clay macaroons lately for Caren. :)
They come in all sorts of colours and fillings.

In this case, Caren gave me a colour palette of all the macarons she liked and off I go to help bring her dreams to realization.

These days, when it comes to creating clay macaroons, I ask for a picture of the colour.
The more detailed it is, the better it is for me. 

Through my art, I really do see myself as helping others to execute their vision and dreams.

Show me a colour, and I'll immerse myself in studying and making it come to life.
Show me a vision, and I'll try to implement it, bringing my own personal touch to it.

This was a result of our collaboration of colour and vision, which I enjoyed and love so much.

Things like make me very happy!

p/s I know this picture might not be the best right now, but there are some tiny fake vanilla beans in the cream - both our favourite!


  1. Dearest sweet pei li, these new color is just beautiful and i love the touch of rose on top of it!

    You have always been such an inspiration and you made my dream came true too!! So thank you very very much for all the beautiful wonders and smiles you bring to my life!

    Have a lovely merry happy day in this new year! Love to yoU!


  2. Dearest Pei!
    long time no write, but I can not follow your perfect and wonderful work. Thanks for sharing so much art and I wish you a 2013 full of happiness!
    Big hugs


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