Sunday, March 2, 2008

Antique White Cake Display Shelf

This acrylic cake display shelf is certainly no mean feat. I certainly would not recommend this to beginners. There is a whole lot of carpentry work to be done. Cutting, sandpapering, measuring, painting. It took me 8 hrs to complete it. Cutting the acrylic sheet is tedious and took about 1 hour alone. Aya-san said she was surprised I could work on it 3 hours straight with no breaks in between. (That's how I ended up having a sore back!)

It was hard work, but I love the end results. It looks so lovely.

The cake was just a test to see how many cakes I could put in there. Now I can't wait to fill it up with yummy goodies.
This measures 7.3cm (height) x 8.5cm (breath)

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