Saturday, September 20, 2008

Show and Tell Monday ~ 1:12 Miniature Blue Cheese & Crackers

During last week's Show and Tell Monday, I mentioned about unconventional christmas items...Blue Cheese and Crackers. Yes, I was making those the previous week. I have been busy finalizing some of the logos that I will be using, plus I was experimenting making personalized miniature cheese labels for christmas orders :)

There aren't readily 1:12 Miniature cheese labels available in the market, so I had to creative about sourcing and making them to the scale that I wanted.

These sets are not for sale as it contains copyrighted logo graphics that aren't produced by myself. But I can't help but be inspired by vintage logos. They are just so beautiful.

Here are a few sets:

After that, I decided to make some cheese logos for myself. It is such a great fun to produce my own cheese label. I hereby introduce you to :


  1. Wow Pei Li, This week you really took my breath away! Amazing, I love the cheese and crackers! Your label is wonderful too. I don't know how but you manage to top yourself each week!

  2. Pei Li, your logo looks so professional. Maybe you should go into the cheese business. LOL. Love your new little cheese and tree scenes. So adorable@

  3. Love the logo and the cheese and crackers look good enough to eat!

  4. Pei Li

    You are one of a kind, just like your miniatures. You outdo yourself at every turn. I love the bleu cheese and crackers display, it is amazing.


  5. Pei Li,
    The vintage labels are wonderful and your new design is great as well. Your work always amazes me. I would never know it was miniature!

  6. love that label, pei li...and those crackers are making me hungry! you are so very talented!

  7. Pei Li, you are just so darn talented! I just absoluetly love the cheese and crackers. Yum!!

  8. The cheese and crackers are amazing. It's Christmasy, I serve cheese and crackers whenever anyone come over! The labels are amazing,


  9. I await with anticipation for each week to see what mini mini mini you will create...and you did it again...what a hoot!
    Susan *dutchrose*

  10. Pei Li I love you labels! Fantastic. As always your creations are incredible.

  11. Words just don't express how great that is!!

  12. You are unbelievable with the detail in your work. I truly consider you an artist. Gorgeous!!!

  13. I love the detail in these pieces. Just gorgeous! Your own cheese logo was such a great idea. Now you can do all you want for sell. Have a great week, happy creating, gail

  14. Pei Li, your little scenes always astound me! If I didn't know better, I'd start planning a party so I could serve up some of your goodies. ;0] xoxo

  15. Hi Pei Li! Amazing! You take every day items and shrink them right before our eyes. Fantastic!
    Susie at The Polka Dot Rose

  16. That is the cuttest thing I have ever seen.

  17. Hi Pei Li,
    Your miniature cheese label is very unique and your miniature cheeses are just as adorable as all of your creations...hmmm, I think I'll go raid the frig for some cheese!!

  18. Pei Li,
    I loved the cheese and your new label! So creative!
    (( )) Karen

  19. You consistently amaze me with your detail and the beauty of your creations.


  20. Hi Pei Li!

    I always look forward to your latest creations. Love the cheese and crackers. Wow! I can't help saying this over and over,but you are so talented!
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a fun week!
    Janet's Creative Pillows


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