Saturday, March 7, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ 1:12 Scale Strawberry Sundae

Work has been pretty rough this week :S The only comfort I get is some rest time during the weekends. I also bought some new craft books to get new ideas, and I'm also going to pre-order another book!

This weekend, I had some time to experiment making a 1:12 strawberry sundae. I had a lovely glass sundae cup sitting here in my stash, but I hadn't had the time to experiment. I am glad I finally sat down to play with it. I'm very pleased with the result! Don't you just feel like scooping up the vanilla softee and putting it into your mouth?

Height of the glass sundae cup including the tip of vanilla ice cream is 2cm. Diameter of the glass sundae cup at its widest is 1.6cm.

Currently available at my etsy shop :


  1. Pei Li -
    I love seeing your miniatures. You are so incredibly talented. And you're new strawberry sundae looks scrumptious!


  2. I always look forward to your miniature makes every week, this sundae looks delicious

  3. Pei Li

    I can indeed imagine eating that yummy looking sundae. Your miniatures are breathtaking.


  4. Hi Pei Li!

    How are you? Thought I would pop in and see your latest creations. And once again I am delighted! Your strawberry sundae looks absolutely yummy! Can't wait to see what you make next.
    Have a fantastic week,
    Janets Creative Pillows

  5. Pei Li, that looks absolutely, delightfully delicious!

  6. Pei Li' Once again I am blown away by the detail and beauty of your work! Thanks for sharing!
    Pink hugs, karen

  7. Oh my goodness, once again if you didn't have your fingers there to show the scale, I would swear it is a full sized picture. The detail of your work is astonishing.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  8. Hi Pei Li,,, that is just the tiniest, cutest thing I have ever seen. Its so amazing! I hope you have a better week at work. It is always so nice to be able to come home and create! :)

  9. That looks delicious! Too bad it is a mini and not real food.

    You did a beautiful job with the sundae. I cannot wait to see what you make next.

  10. unbelievable! Your work is like magic. It is such an art.kath

  11. Oh my Pei Li,
    It is awesome. It looks so delicious I can almost taste it.

  12. Hi Pei Li! Now if I only ate 1:12 I could maintain my weight! Loved your show and tell. Yummo
    Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

  13. Pei Li I truly love it! Oh my you are incredible. After your Macaroon post last week, I had to order some from a bakery in New York City! I've never eaten a Macaroon before and I'm so excited. Thanks for your inspiration!
    bunny hugs to you my friend,

  14. Hi Pei Li,
    It looks good enough to eat! I always look forward to seeing your creations. Hope all is well.

  15. Your work is amazing Pei Li! The attention to detail is beyond belief! So very real looking!

  16. Once again your miniatures are incredible. They look good enough to eat!


  17. Pei Li

    I love you blog and your work and I have given you an award, you can pick it up on my blog!

  18. Love it, love it!!! I spent some time on etsy yesterday and your lovely miniatures came up in one of the searches i did. Hope your are doing well and that work has been going a little bit better this week. Take good care of yourself!


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