Sunday, February 7, 2010

Show and Tell ~ 1:12 Scale Pink Hydrangeas

This weekend was terribly busy for me. Chinese New Year is just less than a week away, and I had to do some spring cleaning in my room. Cleaned out the corners, bought a storage box to store some stuff, threw out the old paper box, and also finally sat down to start making new curtains for my room. I bought some very nice pink shabby chic fabric in Spotlight last year, but never had the chance to sit down to sew it for my room. Finally, yesterday evening, I dug out my sewing machine and started working on it. These are very modest curtains, and nothing fancy at all, but a nice looking fabric makes a whole lot of difference!

Miniature wise, I have not been able to work a thing this weekend, due to all the cleaning and clearing. Over the week, I made a little pot of miniature pink hydrangeas which I'm really pleased. I love the colours, love the elegant look. It makes me so happy just looking at it...and I hope it makes you happy too.

It is available at my etsy shop :


  1. Hi Pei Li,, I am glad you got to work on your curtains. New curtains, especially a pretty fabric can make all of the difference in the world.

    I love the hydrangeas! I think these are my favorite. I love hydrangeas. They dont grow where I live, but they are sooo pretty.

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Chinese New Year! (()) gail

  2. Oh, it is very sweet! :)

    I wanna see the curtains, too! :)

  3. Your hydrangeas are beautiful and with the weather so cold and bitter it is lovely to look at some beautiful flowers!
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  4. Speechless, just beautiful and I think the best yet.

    Yes where is the pic of the curtains?

  5. Mmmmm...been waiting to see if you'll do some flowers! These are just lovely! ; )
    P.S. Happy New Year to you!

  6. They are just BEAUTIFUL, what more can I say? You are so talented! I also just made some new curtains and it's amazing how they can change the look of the room.

  7. Pei Li, those are so beautiful! With all this yucky weather it's nice to see something springy.

    Olivia Paige

  8. Pei Li ~

    Absolutely beautiful!

    Pale Pink And Roses

  9. I love hydranges Pei Li and your miniatures are exquisite!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  10. So your hydrangeas in pink too! And the little box with the greenery is just adorable - inspiration for a cake for sure!

  11. Pei, you just keep getting better and better. How on earth do you do that?? I'm in awe!! Tedi

  12. Your hydrangea is simply delicious! many compliments! how do I follow your blog?? I read everything and I was enchanted by your mini cakes!
    good day by Caterina, from Italy

  13. It is quite lovely. Makes me happy to look at it, too!



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