Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being Featured!

I was recently being featured on 2 blogs.

One of which was Paper Cakes Finds, a pretty blog that features cute items. Of course there is a list of what they are looking for, but you can read it from their blog. The post I was in was called "Pretty Shabby".

The next blog I was featured in was hello, Palomina

Here's the blog post!

Go take a look at their beautiful blogs!


  1. Congrats on being on the two blogs your mini's are so delicatable they always make me want something sweet
    have a great week!
    hug sassy gail of thesassybeach.com

  2. Palomina is so right; you are seriously talented :-)
    Synnøve :)

  3. How very exciting to have TWO blogs post about you. You DO have a rare talent - everything you do is so very realistic!
    Mary P
    Mary's Cottage Treasures


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