Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daiso Soft Clay Review

Sometime ago, I bought a Daiso Soft Clay, wanting to give it a try. I was quite curious to see and feel how it's like. I recently tried it and my first impression was I didn't like it. Unlike Hearty clay, this has a soft, powdery feel. Although it is soft, but no matter how you press or knead it, it crumbles, which means you can't really create or sculpt a proper shape out of this.

With that said, I was not ready to give up and toss it away. Crumbly can be a good thing if you know how to further adapt and find a way to use it. I made a macaron with mostly Daiso Soft Clay, and waited till the next day to see how it feels like after it is dried. When dried, I was actually very pleased that it came out to be rather rock solid hard but still retain its lightweight properties.

And then I tried a few more "concoctions". Try mixing Daiso, Hearty and Grace. Perfecto!

Do give Daiso Soft Clay a chance...if you experiment it enough, you might find the beauty of it! I did!

I just love the natural crumbly texture of it that I had to take a closeup photo!


  1. being a clay nouveau i depended solely on daiso's air clay (didn't know what else to use!) to make macarons for my wedding table decor and they turned out to be pretty reliable in terms of pliability and the fact that they (thankfully) firmed up well. their colours are also delightful. not too sure if they'd work for miniatures though.. loved your review on it and it's nice to see someone's take on clays other than the ones usually used by crafters :)

  2. heheh i've been using it since my experience with hearty was awful, i heard hearty soft is excellent but have yet to try....Daiso is my staple and i also mix it with grace to very good results!

  3. Indeed, I adopted Daiso mixed with Grace Clay according to Snowfern's formula that she thought us during the workshop and it turned out very well for the orchid floral petals.

  4. Thanks for the review! I've never used air dry clay except for Daz a while back. I've never heard of these other makes, where are they available? Gill x

  5. @Shelby : Thanks for the comments and am glad you liked my clay review. Your wedding guests must have went crazy over your clay macarons !! I can imagine! :D

    @Snowfern : Good to know that you felt the same too about Daiso Clay. Great cost savings too hehe!

    @Gill : You can easily find the Grace and Hearty in Etsy or Ebay. Just do a search and there are many suppliers who sell them :) Hope that helps!

  6. Great blog - love your taste

    if you have a moment to check out my blog - you are more than welcome!

    From Tyla @

  7. Oooh nice one.. i'm a newbie and i guess i'll be experimenting with Daiso clay first~

  8. May I know the proportion of the daiso : hearty : grace you use? I've never use Daiso Clay before. But would like to try them once I got some on my hands. Thanks!

  9. Hi Lenny,

    There is no fixed rule about the ratio. The best is to try the ratio for yourself and see what you prefer best. :)


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