Friday, August 17, 2012

Coffee Flavour Fake Macarons

I'm still busy working on these fake macarons. This batch is coffee flavour ones. I have to keep stressing that it's fake just so that people don't think they are edibles. I did not know this flavour or colour is such a hit. Perhaps people really love drinking coffee and it doesn't harm to have a coffee macaron too?

Before I started getting busy with the macarons, I was also busy working on my second online tutorial! YESS! For those who are searching for online miniature clay food tutorials, I am working on the second one, but I got pulled away by a project so I have to devote my time on that instead. But I just wanted you all to know there is something in the do look out for it.

I'm welcoming my first overseas student this coming weekend, and it's always exciting! She wants to learn the English Tea Time which is one of the most popular workshops.

There were a couple more enquiries about this class by other students - but I ran out of some materials. I will be contacting those once the material is available SOON. The good news is, shipment is already on the way :)

My student popped a question asking how long it will take for her to travel to my place from her hotel. I found this really useful resource where you can input in your hotel address as well as your destination details. It tells you how long it takes to travel by bus or car/taxi. :) 

Have a great weekend all!


  1. They look so yumm! It's so awesome that you teach miniature food craft classes, they must be so much fun! :-D

  2. Your skills never cease to amaze me! Outstanding work. I can only imagine how hard it must be to work on such a big scale!

  3. Tiene una pinta buenĂ­sima. Ummm que ricos.

  4. Even though the scale is so big, you still managed to make it look so realistic, you have really amazing crafting skills :)

  5. Wow! All the things you make are amazing! :D
    Amy x


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