Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hydrangea in hair - Lati Yellow Dolls Accessories

Putting hydrangea in hair is something I've been thinking about making for my Ruki. But then again, it was a matter of not having time plus I've not figured out what's the best way to execute it.

It does amaze me sometimes that how one unrelated project would lead me to ideas for another unrelated project.

I was working on life size macarons for the past weeks and it gave me the opportunity to explore larger scale flowers. I was very pleased and thankful for the opportunity given, for I might never have gotten the idea of implementing this hydrangea hair accessory for Ruki.

This hydrangea flower accessory for Latidoll will only work well on some wigs. I've tried a couple, and let me explain why it won't work with every wig. It's not because of the flower accessory per se, but because some wigs have bangs, and the hair texture on wigs is not soft and natural like human hair, so after tucking the hydrangea flower accessory behind the ear, the bangs would be sticking out and covering it. If you try arranging the hair style, it just looks weird and out of place. Therefore, you need to try experimenting with a few wigs and see how it will look on your doll.

I wear it by tucking it behind Ruki's ears and quickly covering it with the wig. :)

This particular one has been reserved, but I will be listing another one in my shop soon, so look out for it if you're interested. :)


  1. dearest sweet Pei li, these Hydrangea are just gorgeous and Ruki wear it so beautifully!! My girls and i really miss your sweet Ruki! We are so happy to see her today! Have a beautiful sunday night and love to you!


  2. OMG! So pretty! I really love to have it. Thanks for this information.


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