Monday, March 4, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Tools - My favourite ruler!

One of the most important dollhouse miniature tools that I can't live without is the ruler. I use it for almost everything. I've also tried everything from plastic, to metal and acrylic ones :) Tried different lengths too, but I prefer mine short. 15cm ones are good enough for me. Nothing longer than that.

When it comes to types, the acrylic ones are my favourite - they are sturdy, transparent (which means you are able to see through it), smooth enough that you can even use it on your clay and it doesn't stick. How much more awesome is that?

At the same time, I must tell you that I've ruined many rulers in my early days, when I was still learning to control it while cutting. When you apply too much force and pressure while cutting, sometimes it inevitably cuts into the acrylic ruler and it creates a little dent. Overtime, you get a slightly "crooked" ruler, which may be one of the reasons why you can never get a clean straight cut.

A side note:
When my students work on a piece that requires wood work, I'm always observing and looking at how they hold their pen knife and ruler. There is a moral obligation on my part to impart the right techniques when they are doing wood work - so that they form the right habits and practice it right from the start, as this prevents accidents/mishaps. I'm actually very serious about this when teaching wood work.

But...back to this ruler.

So when I saw this ruler in the shop, I felt it was the answer to my earlier problem.....because they have embedded a metal rod in the ruler.

This means, you'll never get to cut into the acrylic ruler itself as the metal rod blocks it! How brilliant is that!!

So now, I switch sides whenever I am ready to make a cut. I've been using this ruler for couple of weeks now and am very happy with this.

You should give this a try too. :)

It reminds me, that this post would compliment the other blog post which I've written 3 years ago, on Tips on Cutting Dollhouse Miniature Woodwork. If you have never read it, you might be interested to read it here.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


  1. WOW Pei Li, this rule does come in so handy!! I am always clumsy when i use the pen knife and i guess it has alot to do with using pen knife without any techniques! I must look for this rule in the local art shop! Thanks so much for sharing and love to you!



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