Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sweets Deco Sauce - Chocolate and Strawberry

Recently, I experimented with this new sweets deco sauce that I found, and I'm pleased to show you the actual colors and texture of it.

This kit comes in 2 colors - chocolate and strawberry.

Sometimes you don't really know how the color would show up in real life, hence I like to test drive them to see if they are realistic enough.

I'm really pleased with the results. The colors were truly realistic and even the texture was glossy after drying!

Do note that you need to allow it to dry overnight. It doesn't dry upon minutes of applying.

I love both colors - In fact I think the strawberry sauce looks quite "appetizing" with its slightly translucent result. Drench it over your colored strawberries and you get a really tasty looking fake dessert going!

You can hop over to my dollhouse miniature supplies page here to get one now!

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