Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Grandeur Bouquet

Hi everyone! I'm still around, for another week before I head off for my 2 week vacation. But before I write more about that, I'm still working hard here, creating more art. :) This week, I finished another bouquet, named "Grandeur". This will be heading off to UK. Thanks for the support!! I appreciate it!

I started off with orangy, peachy tones when I created this bouquet. Then I added some yellow. I was deciding if I should put in some purple, but I had another idea for purples, so I left that out. It's also been a while since I made some red, so that went in. I experimented with some new tiny green leaves, which I absolutely love! Can you spot them? These are so versatile, and I plan to make them in other colors, because their tiny appearance adds a sweet charm to the overall look of the bouquet :) I also love how the white/green ranunculus found its place in here....they just came together nicely, effortlessly.

I was certainly thinking of autumn colors here, although maybe one might say it's still not "autumny" enough ;)
I'll try even more darker colors next round...

Maybe you wonder if I ever get tired making bouquet after bouquet. And the answer for now is no. I love experimenting with colors, love being able to create free flow, letting my mind and emotions guide my color choices. I do tend not to like re-making things exactly the same, and I've always told my customers I'll try to replicate as closely as possible, but it's going to still look a little different. Every color is hand mixed, so there is never going to be two bouquets exactly the same. I am thankful that I've not had issues with that, and customer are often very understanding that they are all created one by one. 


The countdown to my holidays have started! One more week before I head off to vacation for 2 weeks. I'm really excited to be embarking on this long journey. I used to bring my heavy camera with me in the past so that I can take beautiful photos, but I don't intend to on this trip as I need to care for my mother. So I will take photos with my phone only. :) I don't really know if anyone wants to read about my vacation - it's really nothing fanciful. I'm just going to places where I've good friends and all I want to do is just to spend quality time with them and create some wonderful memories and experiences together. These are things that will forever be in my memory and my mom to date has always fondly remember her trips, so I know it will be worthwhile. I'm bringing along some chicken rice kit, and letting my friends try them. I also told my friends not to create an action pack itinerary for me...because I like to take my time and I have to consider my mother's needs. So we are taking everything extra slow :)

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