Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rainbow cake with a twist

I used to make the miniature rainbow cakes without “real” flowers on the top. But I wanted to improve and add another level of realism to them, so flowers are the way to go.

I made some peonies to this rainbow cake.

I am making another as this one got sold ^^ Thank YOU Deborah for your support!

Seeing this colors make me happy. Though they aren't really your usual "rainbow" colors, but this is currently my kind of rainbow. Muted soft colors.

It feels like I can smell the bucket of peonies from here!

I hope everyone has a great week! 

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  1. Rainbows make me happy, and Pei's cakes make me doubly happy. So this cake is just happiness exponentially amplified! ;) I can't wait for this baby to arrive! *claps hands in glee!* ;)

    And thank you for the sweet shortout my luv! <33 *HUGS!*


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