Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show and Tell Monday ~ 1:12 Miniature Cupcakes and Calla Lilly

It's Monday again! I had a very good weekend. On Saturday after housework and creating some miniatures, I saw there was really good sunlight! What a great opportunity to take some photos of my next batch of 1:12 miniature cupcakes. This batch will be sent to Carrie early this week.

In the afternoon, I went downtown to a bookshop and browse through some craft books. I needed new inspiration for flowers. I browse through dessert books, as well as clay books. I bought a craft book :)

On Sunday, after another round of housework, I had time to experiment on new flowers. The book I bought yesterday was on making Clay flowers. They were not meant for miniature scale, but I just needed the technique, then I'll have to modify and see what I can do for 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale.

For a start, I made some Classic White Calla Lilies.

I intend to experiment making some other flowers whenever I can.


  1. Pei Li, Those Calla Lillies are beautiful as with everything you create. Just lovely.

    xo Cath

  2. Pei Li,
    Once again you have outdone yourself! The cupcakes look so real. How do you do such wonderful work on such tiny pieces? Love the calla lillies, too. Beautiful!

  3. omg, pei li! now i am jealous of carrie...heehee! those cupcakes are adorable. and the calla lillies are so real! amazing. your talent is incredible, girlfriend.

  4. Wow,, these are just stunning! Carrie is very lucky and I know they will go into something fantastic. I just love seeing what you come up with.

  5. Pei Li,

    I can't wait to get the cupcakes. I have so many ideas! I am one lucky girl! The calla lillies are amazing. They look so real. Wonderful as always!

  6. Pei Li,
    Those cupcakes are unreal. You have them displayed so beautifully on the fence section.

    Very nice, Inka

  7. Oh Pei Li! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and again gorgeous! I don't know how you do it. You really have a wonderful talent:)

  8. Pei Li,
    Just amazing and so real looking. It's hard to believe they are so tiny.

  9. how wonderful~ you are very talented~ I cannot beleive they are minutures~ they are so perfect~S

  10. Pei Li, love it all, but those Calla Lillies are unbelievable. When you visit my show and tell, you'll see why I need one of your wreaths!

  11. Wow Pei Li,
    You are a talent and a half!! Your calla lillies are always amaze us!!

  12. Pei Li

    It is always a surprise to see what wonderful creations you come up with. The Calla Lily flowers are beautiful beyond words. The bakery items look yummy.


  13. Hi Pei Li.....Your little cupcakes are soooo pretty! And the calla lilies are just divine!

    Pink hugs,

  14. Lilys are my favorite flower and green is my favorite color. This post was such a treat for me!You so do rock!Yummmmm...
    LOL Lilli

  15. WOW! Everytime I see your show and tell, I am amazed...those lilies! I just sit here with my mouth agape!
    Susan (dutchrose)

  16. Pei Li, the Callas are just fantastic, can’t believe they are not full size and real!
    Sisters Gift Company

  17. Peili, the calla lillies are just absolutely gorgeous. my mummy's favourite flowers. It's so realistic right down to the very detail. It's like you can almost smell it... WOW!


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