Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Update

Hi there, I didn't make it to my weekly post this week. The truth was, we must have caught the tail of the typhoon blowing in from north asia, and had 3 days of consecutive rains last Friday throughout the weekend. No strong winds, but it rained pretty much continuously. Hence, there was no sunlight for good photo opportunity. I skipped taking photos on Sunday...

I have been busy making some mini boxes to put in the mini macarons. I think they are cute. I also want to make some cake boxes to put in slice cakes. Besides the plates and doilies, they are a perfect way to display cakes.

Oh! I have also dosed the 1:12 Miniature Red Door with snow. But for some reason, I felt it wasn't enough. I'm going to put more snow on it. A part of me likes the clean look, so I must admit I was hesitant putting on that first layer of snow!

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