Sunday, August 17, 2008

Show and Tell Monday ~ 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Flower Arrangement

This week, I concentrated on 2 projects. The Red Door and the Dessert Table. I was striving to make something a little different. I made a tiny pot of flower arrangement, which I am very pleased with. It was meant to be used for the Dessert Table project, but I tried putting it into this scene and it looks great in this Red Door scene as well! I like how the flower arrangement makes the scene look so intricate.

Hmm I might consider making another pot for this even though it does take considerable amount of time.

The flower pot measures 1.4cm x 2.5cm(height).


  1. Hi Pei Li,
    Oh the red door looks great! I hope you are well. I have been working on some new cupcake tags now that things are settling down. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Pei Li ~

    I love the red Christmas door! It's beautiful. The flower arrangement is amazing. I just love your work.


  3. Oh, PeiLi, that is adorable. It always startles me when I see the size of your work. Putting it on your fingers like that really puts it into perspective. Sweetie, you are so talented!


  4. It's finished, well done it is everything I thought it would be. Love what you do.

  5. Hi Pei Li,
    The red door is so cute! I have a red door, I painted it when we moved into the house. And the flowers are so pretty! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  6. And...once again, I come here to be amazed...and I am...always curious about the newest mini mini!
    Susan *dutchrose*

  7. Wow Pei Li! That door is great!!! I love the Christmas Tree too. Your work amazes me so much.

  8. Hi Pei li,, your Red Door is so beautiful.The flower arrangement is so detailed. YOur work is amazing. Have a good week and happy creating..(())gail

  9. Oh, I love it! Just gorgeous. Christmas is my favorite holiday so this is right up my alley. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Pei Li,
    The flowers looks great next to the door. I’m amazed every week in the itty bitty details in your designs.
    Have a great week!

  11. Ooh Pei Li,
    Lovely, the little flower pot and it looks great with your wonderful little red door. Your picture with your finger holding the little pot really puts it into tiny perpective. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!!

  12. Pei Li,
    The red door is so beautiful! What a great Christmas scene it will make...And the flower pot turned out great, too! Can't wait to see the dessert table.

    Pink hugs, Karen

  13. Hey Pei Li,
    I can't get over how tinee, tiny that flower arrangement is! It's stunning! I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I would love to sit on a stool, drink tea, and watch you create. It's so facinating.


  14. Hi Pei Li! I cannot even imagine how you do that magnificent tiny flower pot! Fantastic.
    The Polka Dot Rose

  15. Pei Le that is so amazing. I still have a couple of little vases I have been saving for you. I am embarrassed to say I lost your address. Please send it tome again. Just lovely.

  16. Hi Pei are so talented. I love the way the Christmas door turned out...the little flowers were the perfect addition!

    Pink hugs,

  17. Pei Li,

    This looks fabulous. I can't get over your talent for miniatures. I am not a lover of creating anything tiny. I like BIG workspaces.

    You do an amazing job girl!

    xo Cath


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