Sunday, January 24, 2010

Show and Tell Monday ~ 1:12 Scale Strawberry theme breakfast in bed tray

Ran some errands on Saturday. I didn't get what I wanted, which I ended up being quite disappointed right then, but all's well after I bought 2 books instead and treated myself to my favourite meal at the japanese restaurant. Didn't regret getting the books because I think it fuelled my imagination and inspiration. My bedside table is getting filled with more books lately...

I'm currently still working on multiple custom work, but I pace myself by switching when I'm waiting for something to dry.

I also had some time to experiment making something new this week. I'm particularly pleased with this strawberry theme shabby chic breakfast in bed tray. It can also be used as a kitchen tray to display your tea set, just like mine.

This tray can be purchased at my etsy shop:


  1. Pei Li

    Your newest creation is perfect in every way!

    Pale Pink And Roses

  2. Pei,

    As always just gorgeous! I adore visiting your blog... it is a combination of whimsy and skill. I am in awe! Hugs, Tedi

  3. I love all of your creations...they are so detailed and pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  4. Wow what a talent you have. It is so amazing when people can make things so tiny and they look just like a larger item. Is awesome. Do you have daughters or GD that help you or that you make them for ? Kath'

  5. Hi Pei Li,,, I love the strawberry breakfast tray set. Its just cute as can be. I love buying books too, especially when they are filled with inspiration. That is my weekness!
    Have a great week and happy creating. (()) gail

  6. This breakfast in bed tray is simply wonderful !
    What a gorgeous inspiration (as always !) !

  7. Hi Pei li!
    You're right, that would have been amazing if I had won that trip to Singapore - and I could meet you!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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