Saturday, January 30, 2010

Show and Tell Monday : 1:12 Scale Miniature Purple Hydrangeas

Spent the Saturday evening and night making 1:12 scale miniature purple hydrangeas. I don't really have a better word to describe it other than painstaking, because 3 stalks is all I can manage to make in a night. Flowers are so much more difficult to make, but they are so important to complement home decor items. These hydrangeas are entirely made with air dry clay. There are actually some paper kits in the market that you can assemble paper hydrangeas together, but I personally still prefer to use air dry clay. It's just a personal preference. I'm not that disciplined when it comes to flowers- I need to be in a particular mood. Give me lots of soothing music, a cup of tea and a cool environment. Currently, since I'm crazy about them, I'll try to make as many as possible....

I had a deeper understanding and learning of oil colours when I made these flowers because I seldom touch purple or blues. Some colours need to be mix by hand. Depending on which brand and grade you use, there are different levels of opacity, translucency. I am glad I pushed myself a little out of the comfort zone.

These will be made available in March, since I'm waiting for the silver pots to arrive. I tried other pots, but they still look best in these charming silver pots.

As for this particular completed piece, I'm using it to display on the shabby chic cupboard and the entire set will be showcase in the talk in March'10.


  1. Those are just adorable! And they look so real. I can't wait to see them in up close and personal. Be sure to let us know when we can purchase them.

    Olivia Paige

  2. How much talent can one perso have ?? I could never do anything like this at all. It is so inspiring seeing the things people make. That is my favorite flower. I have some boxes in my bedroom with that flower on it. Thanks for sharing.. Kath'

  3. These are just beautiful! I make sugar flowers for cakes and I understand your wanting to stretch and use new colors - I also love hydrangea! I just so appreciate your talent and skill! Wonderful!

  4. Oh, my goodness! You made them from clay? unbelieveable!

    They are gorgeous! :)

  5. Pei Li,
    I LOVE your hydrangeas. Just gorgeous.

  6. ^ ^ i'm always saying this but, gorgeous! so beautiful~ oh yeah, the talk is coming up soon! how nervous are you about that? XD

  7. Wow breath taking what a lot of time and work! They are perfect though. Thanks for sharing do you ever listen to Nora Jones she has a very soothing voice
    Hugs sassy Gail of

  8. Hey Cindy,

    Thanks for the compliments :) this moment, not so nervous, since it's not a work related topic ;P I am just going there to share my hobby and passion. :)

  9. Incredible! So beautiful! I can imagine it must take a lot of patience to make those.

  10. Pei Li

    The Hydranges are delicate and beautiful.

    Once again you have you have left me without words.


  11. They are beautiful! I make them from art paper and couldn't imagine making them from clay! You are talented indeed! They are lovely. Hydrangea's are some of my favorite flowers and I've sold several in my Etsy shop but I've got to expand my floral repetoire! LOL!

    If you already have me listed in your blog lis as Mini Leaps and Bounds, I have changed the name of my blog to Peach Blossom Hill if you have a minute to update it. If I'm not there, I hope you'll consider adding me. I've followed you for a while and am going over to check and make sure I still have your blog listed as when i changed the name, I had to add everyone back!


  12. I love your hydrangeas...they are beautiful, as is all of your creations!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  13. Thank you for taking time to post. It is true that flowers finish a setting. You have reproduced the colour of the hydrangeas very authentically.
    Regards Janine

  14. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!so delicately crafted


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