Thursday, July 22, 2010

Planning another Giveaway!

It's never too early to plan another giveaway, I think! It's a blessing to know people read my blog, even though these days, I don't really have time to write very much! But this weekend, I should have something up!

Anyway, I thought of planning another giveaway when I have 200 followers. That should also give me some time to plan something special!

So yes, that is the decision! I'll put up the post for the giveaway when I reach that target, and then the draw would begin.

Looking forward to the weekend already! I'm meeting an ex-colleague from my previous company this evening for dinner and shopping. :)


  1. Hi,your work is so beautiful and perfect,I always love your giveqways!

  2. How happy I am! Very happy to attend your next giveaway :-)
    I can not wait...
    Mini hugs, flora

  3. Upss! I really forgot that I never "follow" you! XD
    I always read yours regularly though. ;)

  4. sarebbe bello vincere una tua creazioni quindi attendo pazientemente il tuo giveaway
    felice dei tuoi successo ciaooo

  5. Thank you all for leaving comments for me :)

    All are welcome to join the giveaway!

    Pei Li

  6. Espero que lo pases genial en la cena.
    Me encantara participar en tu sorteo me encantan tus trabajos.
    besitos ascension

  7. Hi Miniature Patisserie Chef! Your work is absolutely fabulous. Love it to bits..I'll try to bake some for you, and make it as close as it look for you when you come down to KL ok? It's great that you mentioned me in your blog. >.< Glad to meet up with you.
    Hugs, Jo.


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