Friday, July 23, 2010

Torched Meringue and Strawberry Charlotte Cake

I made this just recently. It was my first try attempting to make meringue charlotte cake. In fact, some experiment lead to the result of the torched meringue. I loved the slightly torched look. How about you?

This charlotte cake is a gift for my friend Marie. ^^

This is much larger than the usual 1:12 scale that I normally make. It measures 3cm wide and 1.4cm tall. I don't really know what scale this falls into, because I'm not good with other scales and I'm just not really good in Math period. LOL

I have another torched meringue strawberry charlotte cake available over at my dollhouse miniatures store. :)


  1. How important are the measures when the result is delicious as this?
    I love the colors of your choice: green ribbon is perfect :-)
    Mini hugs, flora

  2. Awww are so sweet! HUGS..

    Pei Li

  3. Se ve tan deliciosa!!!
    No importa que no sea 1/12, es una verdadera maravilla.
    Me encanta el aspecto de tostado que tiene el merengue.
    besitos ascension

  4. Pei Li, I'm with you on the math! We have to ask Cindy about scale, she did a great blog post about all the different scales.

    I imagined you torched it with your tiny flame thrower. ;)

    Looks divine! :)

  5. I'm speechless...
    The most beautiful cake and the most wonderful friend ever !

  6. You're most welcome Marie :) I'm so honored you're my friend, and you're always so encouraging!

    Pei Li


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