Friday, August 20, 2010

1:12 Scale Aluminium Square Griddle Decor

This is another inspiration I took from a home decor book. I get so excited when I see the possibility of turning things into 1:12 scale miniatures.
I saw a photo of a clean white decorative pan. The frying pan or the aluminium square griddle doesn't have to stay on the stove! The person who have these ideas is just ingenious.

So, I tried to make one myself, and turn it into a home decor piece (in miniature scale, of course!).

I love the outcome. And this is just such a great decorative piece. Imagine it on your dollhouse kitchen wall. Just so charming! Oh, and I made the decal myself too. In literal translation, it means "The House of Nature".

Now available at my etsy shop:


  1. ¡Es perfecta! Perfecta y muy llamativa, poder tenerla en nuestras cocinas sería un placer. Ahora la podemos tener en la cocina mini.
    Me encanta esa sensación de hierro pesado que le has dado.
    Besos Clara.

  2. Hi, I discover today your beautiful blog. Your creations are wonderful !!

  3. What a great inspired creation !
    I do love the photo too !

  4. Te ha quedado tan real, me encanta.
    besitos ascension


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