Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Experimenting

Revisited miniature roses making lately again. Here's a picture I took recently on the roses I did while experimenting colours. I took it together with the pot of peonies (on the way to Dales!) just so that there is some colour comparison.

I wanted to make really light coloured roses, with just a tint of pink. I liked how they turned out looking very delicate. :)

Ok, back to making some more roses.


  1. Thanks Marie...making the yellow ones now. :)

  2. love them! so beautiful!
    I'm always impressed by mini flowers, I'm so bad at making them :)

    And the new blog layout looks beautiful as well :)

  3. Wonderful job on the shading of the roses. Terrific!

  4. Hello Pei Li. The roses are extraordinary: seem wild e. .. scented!
    Great job (as usual)
    Mini lovely hugs, Flora

  5. ¡Geniales! Me gustan estos tonos nuevos, son unas rosas preciosas.
    Besos Clara

  6. Son unas rosas maravillosas.
    Me encantan los tonos que has elegido, son preciosas!!
    besitos ascension

  7. The roses are beautiful and I love, love the peonies. Great work.

  8. what are these made out of? paper? or clay? They are so lovely I want to learn them!

  9. Hi CoreyTina&boys,

    These are made with air dry clay ;)

  10. How did you do it? is amazing work! beautiful roses ...
    I'm your fan:o)

  11. Hi Magda,

    Thanks for discovering my blog and for the sweet comments! :)

    Pei Li


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