Sunday, April 10, 2011

Miniature Pastries - 1:12 scale fruit tarts

The hot weather lately makes me crave for something light...last week I felt like making some miniature pastries - fruit tarts in particular, and so here is my first batch. I envisioned mango cubes and kiwi fruit tarts. I saw a photo of the real thing on the internet (below) and immediately I thought yummy! How can one not like this combination, seriously.

The real edible ones...
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That gave me an inspiration to make a dollhouse miniature version of these lovely fruit tarts. And here's my version of them. Mine's slightly different. As if the mango cubes were not enough, I drenched them with MORE mango puree. I also added some gold flakes on the top!
All fruits are handmade by me too.

Each fruit tart is approximately 0.6cm in diameter.

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