Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Elegant Cake Display

My most recent piece of work is a dollhouse miniature elegant cake display. When I started on this piece, all I know was that I wanted it to be pink. With that set, I scouted around for cake inspiration and saw this. A green tea mousse cake, and co-incidentally it was made in Singapore. Found at Orchard Hotel.

This green tea mousse is a unique combination of green tea sponge with mango jelly.
I decided to include this cake inspiration into my latest piece of work. With some adaptation of course ;)

So the Daily Specials for the day are Green Tea Slice Cake, Vanilla Bean Slice Cake and Strawberry Mont Blanc.

I still remember when I did my cake display several years back, someone commented that it would be so nice if the cake labels were in it, so here goes. The deli cake shelf comes complete with cake labels. :)

Cake Shop logo was handmade as well.

Available in my dollhouse miniatures store.


  1. Wow!! I don't like Green Tea but I love Vanilla Bean and Strawberry.

  2. Wow! Your work is amazing!

  3. Thanks Kathy! Glad you like the 2 other flavours ;)

    Thank you Jennifer!! Hope your weekend was good!

    Pei Li

  4. So delicious!! I love your miniatures my darling! :)

  5. The display ist very pretty. And the cakes also. Regards from Craftland

  6. Siempre es un placer ver tus trabajos, te vas con buen sabor de boca.
    besitos ascension

  7. Pei Li, another fantastic intricate work. Such an inspiration to my baking blog. Love, love, love the colours. Hugs, Jo

  8. Hi Pei Li, WoW I love the cake shop. Just adorable. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I have enjoyed visiting and seeing all of your new creations!
    Happy Creating, Gail

  9. What a beautiful display and the cakes are yummie! Can I taste some Strawberry Mont Blanc?
    Love it!
    * marlies


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