Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Plant - Part 3

Many months back, I talked about The Plant and also The Plant Part 2.

It has always been my desire to show you the little things of what makes where I stay so special. I was disappointed after the plant was uprooted and taken away by the owner, because that was the special highlight of my day whenever I walk this route.

After the rainy season, came the hot summer. During the hot summer, the purple mums were almost dying. Back then, I really don't know if they would survive the hot summer....

But I've been keeping an eye on them and am so delighted that the plant has been nursed back to health!

I'm so happy to show you these new photos of them.

There are now 2 areas where this plant can be seen. The styrofoam box is still around, and just round the corner, there is another plant.

Right beside it is this plant called Pandan Leaves. I LOVE this plant because it has a sweet aroma to it, especially the root. I can't tell you enough about how wonderful and how many uses this plant has. The most popular dessert/cake made with this key ingredient is the Pandan Cake.

Not just that, but can you believe that it drives away cockroaches? I love sitting in cabs/taxis where I can smell this. You can also put this in your room too. It really has a sweet aroma...

Pandan Leaves!

I will slowly and surely introduce you to a few more beauty around my home. I hope you enjoyed this!

Ryan just told me the purple flowers were called Gomphrena Globosa.


  1. Great post. you did a great job on your photos.

  2. Great post. I love your photos.

  3. Woow Great pictures!!! Love your post :)

  4. Great photos!!! One of my loves in life are Flowers :) Love it !!!


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