Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Pink Christmas Tree

I have never imagined a pink christmas tree until a few years ago, when I really like the colour pink and I wanted everything (almost) pink. When I was a kid, christmas trees were always green, and they had colourful lights, so you can imagine that was what my idea of what a christmas tree would be like.

This year, I had new ideas for a new dollhouse miniature christmas tree. Not only will it be pink, but there will be some blue, and more importantly, it will be all glittery and shimmery! I find that cosmetic colours can be a powerful source of inspiration for me too, as their ranges of new colours are often so pretty and it gives me so much room for imagination! From what I've noticed, Christmas colours for cosmetic makeup are often always so glittery and shimmering!

I hope you like my version of pink christmas tree!

Available at my dollhouse miniatures store!


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