Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lovely Catch up!

Joanna swung by Singapore for a business trip this week and we managed to meet up for dinner and catch up! I was hoping that she could stay on for another day or 2 so that I can bring her to some quaint and cool places, but she had to go back to we shall do that the next time she swings by here!

We ate, walked around and found some cooool neat stuff. We are thrilled to bits actually. I rarely shop here and the fact that I can actually be excited about it is really something. Hehe. Another day, I can show you what I find. Not related to miniatures though!

Here are just a few photos that I took.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we both sat, relaxed and enjoyed ice lemon teas.
Joanna's lovely green sweater is in the background. :)

Joanna had beef. I don't remember the full name of this dish though...sorry!

I had this crispy chicken cutlet. It was a little hard though, maybe I am old, but I think I like things with gravy better these days....


  1. Appetizing! Retrospect: Good appetite! (I guess that was):)

  2. it's always nice to catch up with friends! ^ ^ i too enjoy my chicken cutlets with gravy, i don't know if it's due to age, but more (for me) due to nostalgia? beautiful pictures ^ ^

  3. Hi Cindy, I think my taste bud changes over the years. I used to hate ginger and lemongrass, but am liking these much more these days. Soupy things too. ;)

  4. Dearest sweet pei li, sounds like you and your lovely friend, Joanna, had an awesome time. It's always wonderful to catch up with friends from far away. :) I am really excited to see what you found..looking forward to it. Have a beautiful weekend and love to you!


  5. Peili, it's so true. i used to avoid brinjal and ladyfingers like the plague, but these days they're some of my fave veges.

    i still hate lemongrass in food though drink is nice! ditto on the soupy, does this mean we're getting oooolllllddddd??? T-T

  6. Hi Pei Li dear! Thanks for the mention.. I didn't realise you mentioned me.. LOL.. It was a fantastic catch up and I felt that it was just too short. I am definitely planning to swing by again, and we can go check out all the little quaint dessert shops and snap tons of photo. Afterall what would a food blogger be if I don't take photos of food right? Kekekeke.. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!. Lots of love and kisses, Jo


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