Thursday, December 15, 2011

Food Jewelry - Pink Rose Cupcake Ring

It has been on my mind for a while to try to attempt making some food jewelry items - especially cupcake ring.

I finally had some time to attempt this.

For my first ring, I can't help it but make it a pink colour, which is my favourite colour. As I was thinking what kind of decorations I wanted to include on the top, I considered sweets which I would like to attempt later, but first I really wanted something very feminine and elegant, so for this one, I included the pink rose too.

My source of inspiration came from looking at the real cupcakes which has flowers on them.

I hope you enjoy this one! Would so love to try out other colours too! So look out for it. :)


  1. Great work -- I love the sweet pink rose. Your design make me smile just by viewing the pictures :-).

  2. How cute is that:) I did see the film and enjoyed it very much. A bit stange too but many nice cakes;),thats most important:) Thanks for sharing it.

  3. How precious!
    Gorgeous as always :)

  4. Thank you Wellajoy, so happy to know that the pictures make you smile!

    Thanks Christel, just visited your blog yesterday and am drooling over your new workroom :)

    Thank you Stella!

  5. Absolutely lovely work, so much detail and so small. Amazing!

  6. Way too cute! You should make a DeviantArt account! ^_^


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