Thursday, December 8, 2011

Craft Books - Welcome to the Felt Bakery

It’s been a while since I did any craft books review. I got this book a while ago and am going to review it!

Book title : Welcome to the Felt Bakery

Author: 宮市稔

Though this book is targeted towards felt crafters, I decided to review this book because I strongly feel that there are really good techniques here that are extremely adaptable and useable for clay crafters. I am actually quite excited about it after looking at the book.
Very interestingly, many years ago, I was into felt craft as well. I made felt swiss rolls, cakes and all the sweet desserts. After looking at this book, I think that felt craft has actually evolved a lot these years, so much so that felt desserts and pastries have reached a new level of sophistication and realism.

This book introduces felt crafters to clay work as well. The main idea is that before they can actually make the felt items, one has to sculpt the "master" item from clay, and then use it to make molds which will later be used for felt work.

Because of that, there are some very interesting sculpting skills (from basic to intermediate) one can learn from, especially if they are interested in making dollhouse miniatures - bread from scratch! There are tons of different breads to learn, and I think this should keep a lot of bread enthusiasts engrossed and occupied for a long time. Although the items made are larger and not in dollhouse miniature scale, I do think that this can be easily adopted appropriately in the scale that you work.

This book has 54 coloured pages and even step by step diagrams are coloured. Even though the instructions are in Japanese, with the clear diagrams it would be easy to understand. I've not come across such an interesting craft book in a while and this is definitely a keeper!

You can now purchase this book directly here for US$38.90 - shipping included and I ship worldwide!

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  1. Dearest sweet pei li, this book looks amazing and really gorgeous yummie goodies. I adore felt craft and these are just so amazingly gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this book with us. I drop by kinokuniya today while out lunching with a friend from the Netherlands. And i couldn't resist not buying another craft book. I think this is gonna be my last craft book purchase in 2011. :) Have a beautiful weekend and love to you!



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