Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Patisserie Coin De Rue

How can I not watch any movie which has the word Patisserie in it? I even thought it was a French Film, but it wasn't. In fact it was a Japanese Film.

What I liked about this film was, of course the cakes, pastries and desserts. Everything looks yummy. I also love their quaint antique cake shop, a place whereby you can sit a little while longer, rest your feet and treat yourself to a splendid afternoon with tea and cakes. And the shop is not on the main road, so it's really quiet and has nice surroundings. How lovely!

But what I felt wasn't realistic probably was they would start making the "special order" cake at the point only when it was ordered. It felt like they were making it from scratch, which I think was a little unrealistic perhaps. Or maybe I'm a little dated, I don't know if real patisserie shops do that now?

This cake display makes me drool....OOOhhh.

I love the green cake base. It looks yummy, or maybe I'm really hungry.

Ahhhhh ....Would so love to try this!


  1. Looks faboulus:) Thanks for sharing it. I will watch it too:)

  2. oooooh i've not heard about it either, thanks for the recommendation! beautiful indeed :D


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