Sunday, December 18, 2011

A visit to Antoinette Singapore

Before you wonder, no I'm not talking about the movie. ;) Antoinette Singapore is a new patisserie and dining place offering a variety of sweet and savoury French specialties. In their Christmas catalogue, it was mentioned that their shop was named after the last queen of France whose love for meticulously-crafted pastries was well known. And having seen their pastries, I must say they look exquisite! There are actually 4 branches already in Singapore, but fate brought me to visit the one at Penhas Road, where I was there to collect my long awaited Christmas Gift Box!

This branch was tucked in a quiet corner of the street. There aren’t any shops or obvious landmarks beside it, so you have to look out for this.

But once you step inside, you will be greeted by a long wide table filled with scrumptious looking goodies! I went to ask about my gift collection, and while the staff went back to check, I looked around the shop/cafe a bit. It was quite roomy and I can't help but be drawn to the table of goodies.

Not knowing if photography would be allowed, (as there are some shops that doesn't allow photography of their interior), I have since then been very mindful and would always ask first before I snap away. When the staff said yes, I almost felt like I struck lottery!

On the table were all sorts of treats, from christmas specials to butter croissants to meringues!

This is the first time I hear about Chocolate Brioche, but they just look wonderful!

I regretted not getting one of this Pain Au Chocolate home, because they looked so delish!

Though I’ve never ate Christmas stollens before, these are so beautiful!

I love how colourful and cheerful looking these Traditional Christmas fruit cakes look!

They have a few macaron towers which are prominently displayed at their side product shelves.
I’ve not personally dined there yet, but will do so maybe someday. They don’t just serve cakes and pastries but also have mains, salads etc. Although I must say having seen their menu , the prices are a little on the high side, so you may have to be prepared to spend above $50 for a meal per person there. If I ever do dine there, I would blog about my experience too ;)

Hope you enjoyed taking a little walk with me :)


  1. Wow must be very inspiring for you!

  2. Those look sooo good! What a great find. =) Your pictures are beautiful.

  3. It looks like a beautiful place!
    Thank you for sharing!
    ~*Happy Holiday Season!*~

  4. Hummmmmmm, el sueño de los golosos.....

  5. OH!! i'd love to have a meal there too!! i found out about them a few weeks back and have been dying to visit, what beautiful picture you have taken!!! thanks for the preview ;)

  6. Oh my sweet pei li, this place is so heavenly! I would love to visit it some day with you! Have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend and love to you!



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