Thursday, April 12, 2012

Air Dry Clay Industry News!

While shopping with my aunt after our family lunch last week, we went to the local scrapbook stores and lo and behold, I saw that even Martha Stewart has released her own brand of air dry clay.

This must be fairly new, as I have window shopped at the local stores every now and then (even though I don't buy very much), but I have never seen this. She has her own line of craft glues, glitter powder, punchers etc, but this is the first time I see air dry clay.

This air dry clay, along with other silicone molds are parked under New Products in their website, so I suppose they are indeed new! On the website, they are actually called Crafter's Clay White Clay.

I was quite tempted to buy a pack to try, but the price of it made me think twice. For a packet (there is only 1 size, 68 grams), it is retailing at S$11.90. It's twice more expensive than Hearty Clay which, in my opinion is already a very good quality air dry clay.

I decided not to get it this time round....maybe later I will. I'm actually quite curious about its texture and quality.

Although there is another pack that comes with 4 primary colours of air dry clay, I don't see it in the local stores yet.

 Photo credits: Martha Stewart Crafts

For you all crafters, I suppose this is still an exciting news as there's now another brand that you can add to your list of air dry clay brands now. 


  1. Dear Pei Li! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I also LOVE LOVE your work and I had seen your gorgeous work before on Etsy and they are already in my favorites list :o) I love how you take your photos and your miniatures are to die for!

    I'm so happy that Martha is making these types of clay. Such great news! Thanks a lot for sharing xoxo

  2. Dearest sweet pei li, oh my this is really interesting! I wonder if they have these at my local craft shop but i bet it will be costly too! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!!


  3. Hi Pei Li, I saw this at that scrapebook store... was quite tempted to buy too but agree that it is kind of pricy..I have gotten one of the moulds instead and yet to try it out...

    Ping Ming


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