Friday, April 20, 2012

Shopping for Ranunculus in Singapore

I like going for walks, especially to places where I can admire green plants and flowers. Couple of weeks ago, I decided to pick a new spot to go to - and I wondered why I never ventured there before...but people's likes and interests do change overtime. The presence of plants and flowers is important to me, and I decided to take an exploratory trip.

Now that I figured that it takes only 1 straight bus for me to get to this wonderful place, there is no reason NOT to go again sometime ;)

There are a couple of wholesale flower nurseries locally, and flowers are stored in cold room. It's a big cold room, so people can walk in and pick their own flowers. I went to all the flower nurseries and the first time I walked into one, I was probably like a kid in a candy store. There are ferns, leaves of all kinds, and of course the flower section....

Roses are sold in bulk, I think at least 10 stalks at a go. Obviously they are so much cheaper than what you would find in florist shops! And there is a wide variety of colours for you to pick. I honestly did not know that these shades existed because most local florist shops would only carry the traditional colours that can get a bit can find various shades of pink, even vintage pink!

Unfortunately not all the flower nurseries allow photography, so I only manage to take a few shots in the cold room of the room that I'm allowed to.

The staff at Candy Floriculture are the most friendly and nice in my opinion, so you may ask them first if you can take photos :)

These yellow carnations are also lovely to look at! 

 These flowers are very fragrant and so lovely to look at!

I also took a walk looking at the outdoor plants on sale.  Everything is nicely arranged. I'll let the photos do the talking :)


I had fun smelling and looking at the different flowers in the cold room. When I finally spotted the ranunculus I was looking for, I had to take a couple of photographs right away. Candy Floriculture has really friendly staff.

There were also orange ones, but the photo didn't turn out well due to the low lights. This particular bunch is a mix of several different colour ranunculus.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Dearest sweet pei li, i love this place so much!! YOu will have to take me there when im visiting. Gorgeous, just goregous! Such an inspirational trip and i want to get me a bulk of ranunculus too...we could share. lol Have a lovely merry happy weekend sweet friend! Love to you!


  2. I share your passion for flowers, I also love going to nurseries and delight with color and fragrance of flowers.
    Beautiful photographs.

  3. I'll bet the smell there was absolutely heavenly! Your photos of the flowers are so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  4. Yes the smell was heavenly and I didn't want to leave!! :)

    Pei Li


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