Saturday, July 21, 2012

French Macaron Necklace

I completed this cute french macaron necklace this week!

I actually love this colour combination - the french macaron is a baby blue vanilla bean flavour concept :)
and I added a white chocolate bar onto this necklace piece as well.

This colour combination makes me smile!

Strangely enough, the colour idea for my macaron alone came from the Korean "Hanbok" (traditional dress). While watching a period drama recently, I realized their hanbok was a great colour palette to study from as the top colour is different from the skirt. Even though the colours are usually very striking, they compliment each other.

After making that shade of blue, I decided to use it for this necklace idea.

I think I shall make another complete striking colour combination set!

French macaron necklace is now available in my shop under Food Jewelry!


  1. I love the color of it! It is very lovely and heart warming!

  2. This is super super cute! ^_^

  3. Beautiful colors! Pastels are my favorite, so cool and mellow!


  4. Lovely necklace Pei. I am fascinated by your comments about color, something you have thought a lot about..That is one of my biggest challenges: finding and mixing the right clay colors. I've even bought some books but they are not very helpful. How can I learn about creating the most realistic food color mixes? How did you learn? Does any one know where I can look online? If you have a moment please check out my blog: I currently only have 8 followers:(

  5. Hi Natasha,

    Thanks for dropping by. As to your question, I think books do help in giving us more inspiration. The only way to learn about creating the most realistic food color mixes is really to try and experiment. Everytime you do something, make a note, of exactly what you've used and done. After that, study the effects and notice what's working and what's not and fine tune it again. I'm sure if you keep trying, you will find something that you'll eventually love. This is something that I do too. I hope it helps. Good luck and remember to have fun :)

    Pei Li

  6. Very nice. I like the colors.
    Bye Faby


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