Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to overcome low self esteem for artists

I never thought I would write about this topic "How to overcome low self esteem for artists".

This was purely an coincidence. I did not search for this topic on google, and I wasn't doing any research either.

I was listening to an audio talk online, a habit that I've formed and started years ago. Back then my office was extremely quiet. There were very few of us in that building, or on that storey for that matter.

The silence was something that I appreciated always and I love it too. It was great for working on stuff that requires full attention. But I like listening to music using my earphones while working.

Then came Itunes, and one thing led to another. I could find many channels on the web targeted for specific topics or things that you are interested to learn more about. Sometimes I don't have time to read, but I sure can listen while working on something else.

I still have this same habit now. I love listening to talks, especially if you found a speaker whom you really enjoyed his/her style and the teachings that you hear truly resonates.

Today I was listening to a talk entitled "No-Self Esteem".

At the end of the talk was the Q&A session, and then someone raised a question that totally caught my attention. The question was "As an artist, I've lost confidence in my work and I am not sure how to revive it. Please help me! Thank you!" 

Wow...immediately I tried to recall if anyone has talked about this. I don't remember. But I know for sure this feeling is not foreign to many of my artist friends here.

Why do we lose confidence?

And suddenly everything did made sense after I heard the answer. 

I took some excerpts from the answer, and perhaps you would understand why.

Thank you Ajahn Brahm...:)


  1. That was a great post. I feel that way at times--but perhaps they're right. Since I made it, I can only see faults. Thanks for this :-D

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us a few sentences! I was really uncertain times! This is not dissolved from the debugging, but give a little faith!
    hugs ANDA

  3. Thankyou for explaining why I don't keep most of what I make, I give it away.


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