Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas Jewelry Gifts - Pre-order now!

I've designed these faux macaron jewelry which are now available as pre-orders for christmas jewelry gifts!

I still can't shake off the macaron fever and have continued to come up with more macaron jewelry designs.

And of course, because the holiday season is fast approaching, I wanted to do something cheery and festive.

Although these designs are far from "cheery", as the colours are played down to cool wintry tones, except for the vanilla bean macaron design with holly leaves and berries, I am actually happy that my friends have taken a liking to these colours. I wasn't sure how receptive folks were to that, but to my surprise, the wintry blue snowflake macaron design seem to be a few of my friends' favorite. I know I wanted people to feel a sense of calm and peace when they hold it. :)

My friends are so used to seeing my miniatures that they naturally thought these were dollhouse miniatures until I told them these were life size fake macarons.

Each macaron is about 4cm wide and about 1.5cm thick.

Wintry blue macaron with hand drawn snowflake design

Holly leaves and berries on a vanilla bean macaron

For the entire month of October, I'm accepting these pre-orders for a special discounted price!

I personally know how hard it is to shop for unique, meaningful and something special for christmas, and I think these will definitely delight your family and friends. Just remind them it's not edible!

Enjoy great savings by starting your christmas holiday shopping early.  :)

You can order these fake macarons jewelry at my shop here.


  1. I really like the snowflake macaron! It's really cute!


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