Thursday, October 11, 2012

Color Inspiration - Bright Star Film

If you wondered where I get my color inspiration from, I get them from almost everywhere. I just pay attention to a lot of things in my day to day life.

Just the other day, I saw my mom's shirts hanging on the clothes line and immediately I saw that those colours were complimenting one another and she just happened to have her craze over purples and brown.

2 nights ago, I was watching a film and by chance, I picked Bright Star.

The reason was rather superficial, I'll admit. I was lured in by the protagonist's occupation, who was a stitcher - she stitches and hand sew her clothes.

Another reason why I picked to watch this was because I was lured in by the photograph below.

The colours in this film is just amazing. The story is OK, but I love the clothes, fabrics, colours and the set. Just by looking at it, you can tell a lot of effort was being put to ensure that the audience is in for a beautiful visual treat! I can't even describe it to you, but I have not seen such a beautiful film for a very long time.

At times, there were very dark rich colors, and at times, they used very soft feminine colors. I think I want to re-watch this again.

So for you who loves colors, you might love this too :)

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  1. Wow, it all sounds wonderful! I love the picture you show here! I might have to check that movie out :) Have a wonderful weekend! x


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