Thursday, November 22, 2012

Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint

I saw these Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint by chance when I was browsing the local art and craft store just recently. I ran out of some paints and was looking to pick up my usual when I saw these. I was delighted when I saw them as the colours were extremely beautiful! But you must know I wasn't a fan of Martha Stewart other products...such as the air dry clay. You can see my earlier blog post here.

Because of that, though I was mesmerized by the whole range of soft shades which was calling out to me, I held back and decided not to be an impulsive shopper. Standing at the rack for a good half hour and more, with a sales staff right beside me refilling the paint racks with the Folkart paints, I was still deciding on which ones to get. Finally I decided to get only the basic colours to try out - White and Beige since these are colours I use a lot and from there I can review it.

They have Satin, Gloss, Metallic and one more which I don't remember. I was lured by the Satin paint. The other brands don't have a Satin paint, so I was very curious to what it would do.

The prices are also a bit more expensive than Folkart and other brands, so perhaps some people might be concerned with the prices.

I was really curious to how the quality is like, so within a day or two, I experimented it with my cake shelf.

The texture is really creamy and smooth, which is really good. It can be a little thick but I just thin it down with some water and it is fine. :) The texture won me over.

I painted a few coats on  my cake shelf and when it's dried, I started to see the noticeable difference of this paint versus the other brands of acrylic paint.

Other acrylic paints are just matte, which means there is no difference in its look except for a coat of colour.

But for the Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint, I saw a sheen of satin glow. This is very apparent when you tilt your item and see it in daylight. It is absolutely gorgeous to me, and I was completely bought over by it.

I wished there was a better way my camera can capture it, but my photo probably did not do the paint justice...

In any case, I think I am sold. All the shades are gorgeous - pastel and soft, PLUS with this satin texture, I really can't ask for more :)

First I have to start using up all the other colours in my drawer - while I slowly convert my collection to this new set of paints...


  1. I love her paint line. I have a few colors and I love how you can use them on almost any surface.

  2. Not a big fan of MArtha myself but I DO love this paint. I was doing a project were only her line had the absolute right color so I bought it (with a coupon) and I am slowly building my collection of colors.

    I had to re-color some shoes for a cast member and used the Red and it held up through a week of dress rehearsals and a w/e of performances. Considering how these kids abuse the shoes, that is a sterling recommendation!

  3. I am always a huge fan of Martha Stewart hehe...and was really excited when you told me about this paint. Lucky, the craft shop here carries her line of paints too and i wouldn't resist all her beautiful colors...yes i became that impulsive shopper you were trying not to be. hehe I can't wait to try it on some of my furniture. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I really appreciate it. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!



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