Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fake Ice Cream Cone

I'm feeling a little playful these couple of days, and ended up with this fake ice cream cone which I've made entirely by hand.

Looking at the photo, you'll know it's much larger than what I usually do.

Although it's the first time I'm making these, it was fun. :)

I have crazy ideas  (non-conventional ones too) about how I want to decorate these ice cream cones. I am envisioning them to be art decoration pieces more than functional pieces at this point.

But we'll see how it goes as I work on it slowly. I bet this would be another long project but that's OK.

I don't like to rush myself when trying out new things, so I much rather enjoy the process and pick up new tips along the way.

Be sure to stay tuned - I hope to show more progress pictures as I gain some momentum. :)

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  1. Dearest sweet pei li, this ice cream corn turns out so beautiful! I've been wanting to make ice cream cone too miniature ones and i hope you will make a tutorial out of this! Have a beautiful friday and a wonderful weekend! Love to you!



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