Monday, April 8, 2013

No Bake Clay Review

I have this no bake clay for a while now. Most of you would be familiar with the term air dry clay, but it's the same thing actually. Some people also call it "no bake clay".

I love testing out new stuff and today I am going to review the Tamiya Lightweight Clay.

The first touch of the clay is crucial and probably one of the most important aspect for me when it comes to trying out new clay. By touching and feeling it between my fingers, I can assess its basic properties. I then try to relate the texture to the popular brands of clay and see if there is common ground.

My first reaction when I touch this clay is that it is extremely similar to the Hearty Clay texture. Perhaps this is a really fresh pack, so it feels really soft and wet.

After kneading it for a little while and pressing it, I'll still say it's similar to Hearty Clay.

I love to do the "press test" to have a better idea of the clay characteristics.

The "press test" is really a guide for me to understand how the clay works and reacts when I press hard onto it. When the clay crumbles when you press on it, it doesn't mean the clay is no good, although many people may have this wrong perception. For me, I think about the possibilities of how I would use the clay to my best advantage.

The Tamiya Lightweight Clay comes in white colour. But for this testing purpose, I've added some ochre colour to it just so that it is easy to differentiate.

See how the clay reacts when I pressed it. Both clays hold well and doesn't crumble. It is smooth and there are no cracks too.

I then used the Tamiya Lightweight Clay to make a cookie from a decoden cookie mold.

Very nice. :) I'm going to let it dry naturally before I tell you about the properties once it is dried.

I'm also excited to test out another new product I have with the cookie, so there will be more the next time!

Meanwhile, the no bake clay and decoden mold can be found in my shop here.


  1. Se ve una masa estupenda y para la repostería es genial

  2. Thank you so much for posting this review. I am about to start experimenting for the first time ever with air dry clay and need to learn all I can about it before I start. :D

    Many mini hugs,


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