Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Raisin Danish

So excited to show you my new work in progress. I am making some dollhouse miniature raisin danish...:)
I also experimented new techniques to make this, and it turned out pretty nice, so I wanted to take a few photos quickly.

These are half painted, and there is still some more work to be done.

While making this, I swear that I was thinking of Delifrance Raisin yummy! I want to eat one soon, but need to get to the nearest Delifrance to get my fix...

 Empty danish in my hand


  1. Si le pones papel albal debajo, parece un pastel de carne de Murcia, España.
    Precioso trabajo.

  2. They look so yummiee and beautiful!!! Have a beautiful Monday and a lovely week! Love to you!


  3. Qué maravilla de trabajos!! Me encanta tu blog.


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