Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pandan leaves origami

The other day, Mom was going to prepare a dessert drink for all of us. When the weather is getting hot, we would make our own grass jelly drink. One of the key ingredients for us is pandan leaves. In the past, I used to fold the leaves in an untidy way. Sometimes I would fold 4 leaves together, which ends up with a big untidy bunch. But Mom has taught me to fold each leaf individually, and I've managed to make them more neat!

Here is my pile of folded pandan leaves! 

This way, when you boil the drink with the pandan leaves, the leaves won't fill up half the pot, and you can take them out of the pot easily after it is being boiled.

The unused leaves will be used to keep the cockroaches away....we put some of them in cabinets and cupboards!


  1. How cool! I didn't know this plant so your post sent me to search and learn. Thank you!!

  2. I love pandan leaves. I use them in dessert drinks and also to rid of Cockroaches. Have a beautiful Monday and a lovely weekend. Love to you!



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