Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why do my pictures turn darker on Blogger?

For a little while now, I realized that Blogspot has been editing my photos automatically. I noticed that for my photos which has a light/bright background, it now has an ugly dark overcast. I knew something was not right. I'm not sure if any of you who are using blogspot are also noticing this.

But I found out how to fix this and immediately did so.

You will need to sign into your Google Plus account.

  • Click on Home > Settings
  • Scroll down to find "Auto Enhance" section.
  • Click "OFF" for "Automatically enhance new photos and videos.
Remember to click SAVE.

Please note that after you have done this, your future posts will now be OK. I went to check my previous posts which were affected and they were not corrected, so this means I had to manually delete and upload the photos again.

I hope this helps for those of you who are noticing your photos are a little different. 


  1. I had not noticed it, but now I will pay attention to this! Thank you for posting your solution.

  2. You're welcome! Hope you find that useful!!

  3. thank you, mine have been coming out a little dark too now I know what to do :)

  4. Thank you! that was driving me crazy! I will go make the correction ASAP.

    Diane C.


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