Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Green Hydrangea and Pink Roses

To decorate my home for the coming lunar new year, I went flower shopping. I knew beforehand that I wasn't going to pick conventional flowers associated with lunar new year for decoration. At the same time, I was going to go with an open mind to see what's available, fresh and within my budget. I always get such a thrill when I decide to do some flower shopping.

The wholesale market was very busy as you can imagine, since it's so close to lunar new year. It was lunch hour when I reached. The cash register line was already quite long! 

The rose section greeted me first when I walked into the cold room and I had a blast seeing all the different colours available. After a quick browse, I nailed down 2 types that I really liked. First, the hydrangeas were calling out to me! I spent some time at that section and picked my hydrangea. I went for the green.

I went back to the rose section and decided to get these pink roses. So sweet!

You cannot imagine what kind of pail I used to hold these temporarily while I try to find a suitable vase to arrange all of them.

20 stalks for S$11. I'm really happy with my purchase. If you were to go to a flower shop, it would have been at least S$1.50 per stalk.

I didn't realize that on some parts of my hydrangea, the petal tips had washes of light pink tones on them. I found out only whenl I got home and place a rose next to it. I have a little vase in my room, and it could only fit in the hydrangea and 1 rose. I know the combination may be a little weird, but I am drawn by the colour.

The photo may not have shown the lightly pink tips on the hydrangea clearly, but it's pretty in real life. I think I may try to do something in miniature.

This is also my first time getting a hydrangea, so I'll be curious to see how long this last.

While waiting to get a suitable vase, I make do with a mopping pail to place my roses :) It so happens my mopping pail is in a turquoise green colour, which contrasted with the pink roses nicely.

 Off to arrange my roses now!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. QuĂ© bonitas! y dentro del cubo azul le da un aspecto Ășnico. UN saludo

  2. The color combinations are wonderful! I love the green with the pink and the pink with the turquoise! The colors are such a Gift and a Lift to the spirit!


  3. oh wow really beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your chinese new year holiday! Missing you. Have a beautiful week and love to you!



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