Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Art Clay Tools Leveler

Recently, I had the chance to encounter these art clay tools. I wish they were made available way earlier when I started experimenting with clay. But nevertheless, I am happy to show you something really neat and easy to use!
This tool, which I call the Clay Leveler, helps you to create clay pieces of a particular thickness consistently. Simple as that.
When it comes to air dry clay, one of the things I am truly grateful for is that it doesn't require any conditioning. This means I don't have to worry about over working my wrists. I believe this is something all of us air dry clay users can appreciate.
Getting my piece of clay ready to begin work is much more simplified. 
This is how the 1mm thick clay leveler looks like.
Here I'll show you how to use the clay leveler in 3 easy steps.
How to use:
1. Get a piece of non-stick sheet and place it on an even surface.
2. Put the air dry clay on top of the sheet, and position the 2 acrylic clay levelers side by side, next to your clay.
3. Begin rolling out your piece of clay with a roller, until it no longer flattens out anymore.
End result: You will get a consistent piece of clay thickness! 
What if I need to make thicker clay?
Though there isn't a 5mm clay leveler, you may stack them up and secure the ends of the clay leveler with rubber band. Just make sure your roller doesn't roll over the rubber bands. 
I hope you will enjoy this easy method to make your air dry clay experience more wonderful!


  1. These leveler looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Love to you!


  2. Hi, this leveler is good! Do you sell this clay leveler in various thickness?

    1. Hi San San, I only have the 1mm thickness available.


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