Friday, January 24, 2014

Dollhouse Pound Cake

The new spring season brought fresh cravings for classic food, such as dollhouse miniature pound cake. Butter pound cake is something very easy to love, as long as it's freshly made with fine ingredients. I love the entire clean look, which reminds me of spring time!

There is something very humbling when I made these. While the pound cake looks clean and non-complicated, achieving this look tested my patience and skills. I had a lot of fun, and also learnt a lot when I made them.

These dollhouse miniature sized butter pound cake slices are served on a rectangular plate. I also added some mint leaves to decorate the plate too. I really hope you like this clean ensemble.

While sculpting the pound cakes, I did some research. The subject of pound cakes fascinated me, and I'll tell you why. Some pound cakes are perfectly baked, while some has cracks on the top. Most of you, who are regular readers on my blog would know that I don't bake in real life. But the topic on cracks or no cracks had me enthralled.

And so I realized there are some who don't like the cracked top, while some think the pound cake should have that.

I know this sounds like a funny question to ask, but do you prefer your pound cakes to crack on the top?

As for me, I don't have a preference. If the pound cake is moist, not so sweet and the texture is fine, I'll go for it whether it has a cracked top or not. :)

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  1. Pound cake is one of my favorite. These look so really and yummie! happy week and love to you!



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