Friday, January 10, 2014

Miniature Vegetable Crates

One of the new things I did at the start of this new year was making these miniature vegetable crates. They are in 1/12 dollhouse scale. This would also give you a glimpse of the miniature theme I'm going to make in my next project, which is going slowly but surely.

In this photo, I styled my crates with vintage hydrangeas but of course, you can also style them with other elements as well.

What I liked about these miniature vegetable crates is that they are timeless, and they fit so well in all styles  of home decor.

It's easy to find inspiration on the web, and here are a couple of my personal favourites!

Truly love this! The colour is just to die for and I love all the little plants and trinkets on it!
 Photo taken from

More kitchen shelves made with crates
Photo taken from

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. I am passionate about projects with miniature crates.
    I've done some miniature crates but have not done the scene I have in mind.
    Your crates are wonderful!

  2. I love these crates so much! Very beautiful and inspiring. Happy week and love to you!



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